June 11, 2010

I'm No Superman

It was a gloomy night in Bangalore. Day Zero of Summers was just done with. There were muted ecstasies amongst the lucky chosen ones. For the rest of us, it would be another dawn very soon. I was just out from an interview with Goldman and Deutsche. Feeling fairly confident that both of them had nothing to offer that excited me (and the feeling I am sure was mutual) I sauntered back to my room, sat on my chair and searched the network for a movie to watch.

And that’s when in the comp of a future Gujarat salesman I found Scrubs. I know people have no high regards for this series but somehow, somewhere it has stuck with me. I was a bumbling MBA first year student trying to find my feet in a world that was strangely competitive, beyond any I had ever seen. Friends were yet to be made and it was exactly like the life I had in those days. Hope remained.

As I grew older and the seasons kept coming in, I realized John Dorian and I were growing up together. We faced similar worries, we faced the same trepidations, we had our own inner demons to handle but we survived because of friends and a sense of purpose as we went to our work everyday.

I stopped watching Scrubs the day JD’s past and present and future stood in front of him waiting for him to make a decision. I stopped watching that night as I knew whatever JD chose, he would have lost. Life had dealt him a great hand and he with all his likeable bumbling had messed it up.

Suddenly the other day I found Season 8 running on a TV network. The characters had not changed. The story and the laugh were often forced at times but the essence remained the same. The interns were now Doctors, they were trying to train the new set and that’s where it struck me.

The greatest mistake one makes is to search for one’s shadow in the future. If it happens, we are lucky, if it doesn’t we just nod and go on with our lives.

That’s called moving on. That’s called acceptance. That’s called being grown up.

Thanks again JD. I know G hates it when I snatch the remote away but no one will ever understand that I have found answers from Scrubs when I have needed them. After all I’m no Superman.

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Kavitha said...

very nice and heart warming!