June 22, 2010

And There Comes the Nagging Doubt

Have you ever wondered if you were indeed a good person? I mean, have you ever figured out what it takes to be a nice person? Suddenly I have realized that the definition keeps on changing as we grow older, as things change around us. It’s not what others feel about us, since it’s not possible that everyone around feels that you are nice.

I don’t know if I am good or evil or like most of us I am just another drab shade of grey. But I would like to know but to know I need to experiment and when I experiment, if I am not powerful enough, I will never be able to be sure if I can get back.

And that just irritates me. Not knowing the answers I always thought I knew. The definition of nice is no longer simple, it’s no longer black and white. Life isn’t simple anymore.

That’s the point of time you begin to wonder, what am I here for?


Netha Hussain said...

A very thoughtful question. The definition of good and bad changes with times and with generations. What is considered to be right today might not be considered so in the near future.
Nicely written.
Happy blogging..

Anonymous said...

As i grow older, the doubt becomes a confirmed fact that I'll never conclude the right and the wrong, that anything could be right and anything could be wrong. I grow older and I grow indifferent and little more tolerant. The anger dies down.. the passion and beliefs hold firmly neverthless..

Shreya said...

I have struggled with this question for so long. And I have seen other people so oblivious to it, it feels like I am the only one not having these answers. Feels nice that there are others too :)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@Netha - Thanks a ton.

@Anon - you must be lucky

@Shreya - some hide it under the carpet

sayrem said...

and so we need hypocrisy. Without it we would be too cruel, too ugly.