May 02, 2010

Daya ko Bulao

So one weekend we decided to have a Dopy meet. Given that Dopy Standard Time has been known to linger on for quite some time and has never been a thing to be proud of, I was happily sitting and watching a Woody Allen movie when Crazy Photographer barged in hoping that others had gotten rid of DST.

But that was not to be. We started the meet 2 hours late and in the sweltering heat decided that the best place to go and plonk would be my pad. And there in typical Dopy Style I was introduced to C.I.D. I thought to myself how could I have lived without understanding how awesome this serial was. And I am prone to watching what Echha is doing at her new household.

Anyway, CID was so awesome I completely forgot that we were supposed to engage in Dopy gossip. It was of course sad that CP had no new gossip and all the new gossip was about people who I had never met.

But Daya, he was awesome. If only Hollywood knew what power was there in a strong one handed slap, they would never have hankered over Weapons of Mass Destruction. Who needs a Neo when Daya is there? One slap to the Architect and he would have let all the humans free. But what if Daya was an illusion too? Or worse an agent?

Anyway, the fact is even today if I look back, I can see myself saying to the kids who came down, “In you, Dopyness is strong. In Jaipur, where everyone comes to see forts, want to go to Mcdonadl’s your seniors did.” So we watched CID back to back till the visiting Dopyite called us to Theos. And then there was food and pastries and I don’t remember much…

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