March 24, 2010

So the Soul of Alec tagged me as the only man amongst 7 on her blog as “men need to write about interesting things.” Or that’s what I figured out yesterday night as she asked me to “Reveal 7 random things about you”. Well, while I won’t tag anyone, it’s a fun thing to do in a late night at Istanbul. That’s that. So here goes.

1. I love food. That’s not random but good food to me is like a symphony orchestra. I can see the tunes swim around me whenever there is a good food inside my mouth. I feel that I am the conductor of the ceremony.

2. I love taking long walks. There have been times when I have found myself completely lost because I kept walking. And Johnny Walker is not yet my friend.

3. I loved Norse Mythology as a kid. While everyone gobbled up Greek mythology, I ensured I knew everything about Odin, Thor and their kin. It’s a different story I don’t remember Loki’s wife’s name anymore.

4. I am a closet environmentalist. I switch off all the lights and computers I can at office as I am often one of the last to leave. Also when we are going out together I am the last to leave the house so that lights can be switched off.

5. Monica Gellar Bing would love me. I may not be the tidiest guy around but I at least know where my stuff is. I hate chaos. I love organized chaos.

6. I no longer buy pirated books unless it is a second copy of a book I already have.

7. I have almost given up on photography. But one day I will return back to my lost love. I have a last set of photographs to click. I know it’s still there in me. I have chosen the subject as well.

Have fun. If anyone wants to pick this up, just go ahead.


sayrem said...

Err....What do you do with the second copy of the book you already have?

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

:) I am a nomad. What can I do if I want to read Jonathan Livingstone Seagull in different cities :) I then gift it off to people who haev not read them

Gaurav Jain said...

The anchor really practices a lot of tunes... I must say...

This theory of organized chaos is as useless as the original theory itself.

I wont comment on some others :)

Meow said...

wow......... interesting.. you love photography??? amazing.. post your pics... :) plssssssssssss plssssssssssss atleast one yaar :) plsssssssss

Shreya said...

You are an angel in disguise!! ;)

SS said...

Back in Istanbul again? Share the photos.

Nitika said...

So, I was getting bored at work and came across your blog. Went through your archives (yup, there really was no work to do today) :)and enjoyed reading it.

I like your writing style. Moreso the fact that you support Germany !! Yay !! :)

I hope to keep coming back and read the latest.


Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Dear Song of Elton John - Thanks :)