September 15, 2009

The Greatest Sci-Fi Ever

I have sworn by Asimov for a long time now. I believed him to be the greatest of them all and Nightfall as the greatest Sci-Fi story ever told. But District 9 changed all that. For the first time a Sci-Fi movie was less about aliens and more about humanity and not the Good Humanity that E.T. championed but humanity in all its petty and mean plots.

It is a story about the common man. But it does not tell you that the common man becomes a hero and a saviour for the human race. Instead, it tells you how a common man performs extraordinary tasks for one glimmer of hope. We do not want to be heroes. We want to live and go back to whatever we have been doing.

District 9 is a movie about Space Aliens, Awesome Guns, big blasts and yet it is a sensitive story about one man. It is a story about the establishment against us. It is a story about underground economy and yet it is a story about hope in the time of adversities. It is a story about honour and courage as well as a story about decadency of a race when faced with adversity.

Watch District 9. You will question your glorified right over the term humanity and maybe on your own existence.


Pooja said...

Wow....I swear by Asimov too, and to hear a moveie changed all that - guess I just have to see it now! Thanks for the review!


Vinay said...

Well said.. D9 is easily one of the most underrated movies to hit the screen and create an impact.. Was totally stunned by the concept and Sharlto Copley was simply amazing