September 13, 2009

The First Pick Up Line Ever

CAS had swaggered into his room after the usual early dinner one night in 185 SK. Being strategically located it was the best place to sit for a while before you could rush off to your room to study. 185 SK was a great place. Time stood still there. In fact, Time there had gone back to Middle Earth. The inhabitant was learning to speak Elven. Anyway, this was the time when CAS and the man in question used to chat till suddenly C would give a jerk and run off to study. S would go to call up someone in Bhopal and A would look here and there and then go and plan out his next two hours of study which would be regularly interrupted by swarms of hungry hostelites.

During one such discussion, the topic veered towards women. The species were abundant in the land they lived in and as enigmatic as ever. S was the most experienced of them all. After all, he was the one who was calling Bhopal. A stayed away from Women. They were supposed to know Black Magic and no good boy would ever fall for it. C on the other hand was already going around with a subset of the women Species called Seniors. They called him cute, pulled his cheeks, took him out to dinner and of course to the back stage. Now now, come on. Taking someone back stage is not as bad as you might be thinking. It was pretty common there – in the land around 185 SK.

Anyway, as I was saying, C and the man from 185 SK had an altercation over pick up lines. This was a new concept to all of them. This was supposed to be a potent weapon against the other species. And then had begun the hunt for the first pick up line. It was beset with difficulties. It had to be original. It had to be smart. It had to have the ability to filter out certain sub species.

And then exactly 8 years later…

Our man in question was looking lovingly at the second love of his life. What he saw brought tears of joy to his eyes. The Papri Chaat looked heavenly. And then he remembered Shimla Mirch, then he remembered Gulabji, then he remember 185 SK, then CAS and finally the challenge which he had forgotten all about.

This is called mind mapping in the industry he is in and he never quite figured out how it worked. Anyway, buoyed by the tasty Papri chaat he thought and then it struck him. The first pick up line ever.

And he was thrilled. It met all the criteria. It was original and smart and snobbish.

“So, now I know the cause of Global Warming.”

It took 8 years to find the first pick up line ever. I guess it will take him 8 more to use it.

Till then, he would enjoy the Papri chaat.


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ha ha ha! :D

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185 SK - man, makes me guilty thinking about how much of ur time we've hogged! * big manly hug *