January 26, 2009

A Highway Streamlines Your Thoughts

Last weekend some urgent work came up and I had to visit some factories over Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t mind it. I love the Western Expressway highway and when you have a safe driver taking you around, you do not bother much about the logistics of missing a weekend. I had a book and my wandered to the last three plays I had seen. Bhadmanush from Mashaal was way beyond my comprehension. I understand when the subject dealt is complex. But I do not understand the necessity to complicate things even more by philosophizing about it. Anyway, apart from the performances, which are always guaranteed in Mashaal productions, there is nothing much to cheer about. “For God and Country” was a solo performance on Bhagat’s Singh’s “Why I am an Athest?” It’s a beautiful essay and I think you should just download it and read instead of wasting your time on my blog.

But laughing my heart out at “Chinta Chod Chintamani” and “The President is coming” made me wonder if our appreciation of humour had been reduced to stereotyping and slapstick humour. The Swami will have to be a cheat and a womanizer. The nerd guy and the strong-willed woman will have to be homosexuals. The Bong will have to be a Levis wearing pseudo socialist studying literature or English Literature.

And why on earth does the highly overpriced Ruby Tuesday make beautiful Fajitas and play the most wonderful music while you dine?

And why you are halfway through the real post you want to create, you get caught up in the traffic over the Vashi Bridge?

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