January 21, 2008


I have let gone and I know there is an abyss waiting for me at the end of this fall. But I also know I have hope. I have hope since I know that I have taken the leap and not taken the plunge. And maybe, just maybe that small difference in semantics will remind me how to fly. I feel like a bird, but a bird whose wings have been clipped, a falcon whose eyes have been hooded, whose legs are free to move but yet there are invisible strings attached.

I wonder if this is worth it at all. I wonder if as usual I am fighting a losing battle seeing the last remaining defences fall down one by one, watching helplessly as more and more people cross over to the other side. But then I see a few Samurai there who is on the other side, but who is striving to make the other side, ‘our’ side.

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