January 21, 2008

The Blunder of a Bladder

There are often instances in a man’s life when he tries to find the meaning of bliss. For the more enlightened ones, there is always Nirvana; but I am no Saint Buddha. Tonight however, I found the meaning of true bliss or at least came close to it. (To keep my blog live up to the title of “For the entire family”, certain details will be obviously glossed over.) Anyway, to give you a background, certain recent events have made my doctor advice me to keep a check on the water I drink outside. For most of the times, my trusted Bisleri is always by my side, but sometimes it is just simpler to finish a bottle before you walk out of the room. Now, even though the kidneys in humans are amongst the most developed in the animal kingdom, it takes a lot of work from the sweat glands to ensure that certain urgencies do not raise their head. But the recent weather in Mumbai have been far less conducive to aid this game plan to keep one self free from all water borne diseases. For one thing, the winter does not feel like ‘Winter’ and neither does it make one feel the heat and sweat of a tropical country.

As a result it becomes imperative for one to know the ins and outs of the city one lives in to know in which nook and corner can be found an useful outlet for excess water stored in the body. Given that the country has larger problems to tackle, I think the Lords of our Destiny conveniently forgot to give us enough public restrooms in the country.

So even though everyone will disagree that they think about this matter, it remains one of our urban horror stories which no one would love to experience in their lives. But then, they do happen, and happen at the most inopportune moments. Take for example, the time you were invited for a nice chat and coffee by one of your most favourite friend at one of your favourite coffee outlets and you remember to your greatest discomfort that you have come to the same Coffee Day which boasts of great coffee aromas but not a restroom. At that time of urgency, friendship goes for a toss, the chivalrous knight runs faster than his own horse and you reach home. You don’t remember opening the door but you remember the slow smile spreading across your lips till you finally reach the ultimate state of bliss.

Salvation – could it have felt any better?


CJ said...

banjo's blog... finally - rated R :D we'll discuss this later among ourselves! ;)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

please.... it's a ego bashing experience. :P