September 03, 2007

Of Ice Creams, Movies, Cricket and being a Bong

Sometimes Sundays do spoil you. Today was one of those very few. First I wake up after a much needed sleep, look at the Times of India sleepily and decide to do some work for Dad. The Sleep Fairy strikes again and then Sid knocks with the good news that Hot Chocolate Fudge is available in an ice cream parlour nearby.

In the evening I was spoilt for choices. A long awaited screening of Bobby in Zee Cinema, Tendulkar and Ganguly firing away to glory like the old times, I knew it would be a tough decision. But as India seemed to let go of another match, I started swapping the channels, and there was Saptapadi being screened in Zee Bangla.

As much as I loved Bobby, as much as I considered myself a patriot rooting for Team India, the Bong in me could not come to terms with the idea of missing the last 20 minutes of Saptapadi.

A Sunday worth its name. India wins the match, Rina Brown finally gets together with Krishnendu Mukherjee and Bobby and Raju jumps into a mountain stream but continues to live.

Trivia - Saptapadi is my all time favourite Bengali movie. And one of the very few where my dad's views match with mine. We both agree that the original story was more beautiful. It did not show a happy ending. Perhaps in real life there are very few Happy Endings.

Afterthought - When the villain introduced himself to Bobby as "Prem, Prem naam hain mera. Prem Chopra." did he ever think that a couple of decade later, Prem will be the most used screen name of our Sallu Bhai?

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Anonymous said...

When exactly ur 'dad' discussed saptapadi with u?