September 10, 2007

Farewell Old Friend

As I pack my bags for the early journey tomorrow, I look at my old blue bag, my partner in crime since I left home for the first time. Father Time takes his toll on everything and everyone under the sun and he did not leave my old faithful alone. Be it Singapore or Samastipur, my blue bag has been my signature. It has partnered with me in every single one of my travels since July 2001. But old friend, it’s time to rest now. Time you sat comfortably in a corner of my room with my mom doting on you everyday, dusting you now and again. You know what? You could tell our stories to my envious cassettes and books who miss me as much as I miss them.

Adios for now, I promise you one last journey together.


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CJ said...

neat post... all of us have those lil things we dote so much on! :)

dont remember ur blue bag tho :(

PS Prasad said...

It is a good blog. The articles are interesting.

Keep it up.