August 17, 2007

The Latest TV Ads

Recently Government enforced ban on the screening of few ads on Indian Television. And though it warranted a post as much as a post on our new President, sometimes age and work begins to tell on you.

Let’s write then about simpler things. About ads that seem to stand out amongst the ones that we get bombarded with everyday. The first one definitely is the one of Iodex. The gentleman sees a Rs. 500 note lying on the ground, pauses for a while and walks away and while you wonder if some ethical message is due soon, Iodex tells you that relieving back pain can be a good idea.

The “Gorgeous Hamesha” ad by a hair oil(Parachute). Beautiful music, something you would not want to swap with your remote and that’s where it succeeds, in capturing its audience. By the way, her name is Kritika Kamra.

Alpenliebe and Kajol. One of the most talented actresses, (though wasted in the ad as she possibly won’t be identified by the target audience with a candy) she carries around the alligator with her with ease. I just hope that she is not inspiring youngsters to throw food at the animals at our zoos.

Airtel. Though I crib while uploading every post of mine about the irregular connectivity of my cellular network and my internet, I love the ideas that the airtel ads come up with. The one with the little kid, the rains and a father in the middle of a desert pulls at your heart.


Surendra said...

Hmm, Kritika Kamra, eh? ;) Thanks for the name.

And I wonder, how could you like the latest Airtel ad? There's a trend in such ads. They insert kids into them and try to play with your emotions.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

He he. Anytime dude :-) She won it through a nationwide contest.

And I stick on to Airtel only because they tug at my emotions. i would never take it for ots claims on connectivity :-)