June 01, 2007

Jashn - e - Dard

Tonight I celebrate my pain. I celebrate the ties that have broken. I celebrate the loneliness I see in the bare ceilings of a desolate hotel room when in the dead of the night I wake up hearing voices in the deep of my head. Laughter that was false; promises that were untrue; lies that we have all lived.

Tonight even the mirror betrays me. There is no one in it. A blank face devoid of emotions stares back at me. There’s no light anymore. The wonderer turns wanderer and carries on the sojourn. A tune lost in the dusty pages of the days gone by keeps ringing in my head. The music we weaved is lost, perhaps forever. The days keep running, seasons change, people do so too and I face the change trying to hold on to the memories. The other day I opened my palms, blood ran out of the gashes left behind by the memories. Like Lady Macbeth, the blood no longer goes. It stays on reminding me every moment of things that could have been.

Things that in reality; never were.


Anonymous said...

tht was deep and thought provokin...."It might have been"....aint tht the one sentence tht haunts everybody?sigh....

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Sometimes we want ourselves to live a lie and take refuge in that one word... "if"