March 10, 2007

Technically still a student

But what the hell... The die is cast and I have chosen. What transpires in the future is in the hands of fate. And all in all, I guess I am happy as usual. But that's not the point.

As I try to figure out how life changing these two years have been I realize that maybe, just maybe, I have become more objective in some aspects of life. For example, blogging. I never understood why I did not like blogging (neither do I now) but I realize that perhaps this is one way I could talk to all the people I have met on my way.

Student Life has been an amazing experience. Be it at Park Circus, Pilani or Billekahalli I have known an amazing set of people and almost all of them on a personal basis. And maybe while I am on my travels around the country, I can imagine me speaking to them through this blog.

And then I can feel at home with friends.

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