November 23, 2011

Will You?

Will you let me look at you
Without a care in the world?
Will you smile again and hold
My hands as if we never left?

Will you let me have your worries
That bind you to the ground?
Will you laugh at the sun and sand
As we build our castle in the air?

Will you let me feel your pain
That makes me cry at night?
Will you believe in us once more
Even while we remain apart?

Will you sit with me, silently,
Tired as the day goes by?
Will you hold my daughter
Telling her a story about us?

Will you smile again with me
And believe I ask for nothing else?
Will you let the years between us
Seem like moments?

And as the sun goes down
Will you speak to me of yesterday?


Kavity said...

Nice :)

logrcubed said...

Will You - write more ? ;-)

XOXO said...

very very nice

XOXO said...

very very nice

possibly said...

full senty ! too much :) likes.

Sweta Nandagiri said...

Want to know what was running in your head when you wrote this.