January 20, 2011

Making Up

M was furious. He felt cheated. In fact, they had cheated. They knew he hated running between the wickets and loved the big shots. And they had deliberately got the non striker to run. There was a mix up and he was panting as he took stance for the next ball. And immediately, they gave him a leg before. He was furious.

Not at them, but as S. After all S was his best friend. How could he stand and be a party to this gross treachery? M was devastated. S just continued playing with them. I mean, where was the Bro Code?

Whole day, he didn’t speak to S. Next day was no better. In fact, he decided that he would distance himself from S as much as possible. And then one day, they just sat opposite each other and shared their tiffin. Till date they remain the best of friends.

This is a story I have seen being played out in my own life. And every time I feel sad I remember it. Every single moment of that day remains painted in my memory. It’s just that life was so simple back then. No sorrys no thank yous :) Karan Johar knew his stuff.

Today I think as we have grown up, we just have lost the simple art of making up. Ego has taken over. We stick to our guns and refuse to budge from our stand points. And so it is always important for the other person to call up.

If only if we weren’t so egoistic, world perhaps might be a better place to live in. It doesn’t always work for the chasm might be too great. But then, it’s worth making the effort. If it does not work, maybe it was just not meant to be.

“See, you're the only star

In the film I never made

Would you rewind it all the time

Rewind it all the time

Do we make it to the sequel

Second chance for our survival

Oh we all need a hallmark ending

And a change of heart”

It’s still January, so why don’t you just pick up the phone and make that call that you have been too headstrong to make in 2010?

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