August 23, 2010

Finally Koonri Gets Married

Mom is very happy. Koonri is married now. I mean Mom has the right to feel concerned. Koonri can’t speak. Her parents had disowned her when she was a kid. She grew up as a maid in the family that took her in. Of course, there were other complications. But those were too complex for my puny little brain to comprehend. The main point is that for the last few months we were worried whether Koonri will get married or not. So we all knew that the boy she was getting married to was sure to get married on Sunday but who would he get married to? Would it be Koonri? Dekhte Rahiye Aaj Tak, Intezar Kijiye Kal Tak type suspense ruled our hearts.

Mom was really really worried. And I could be of no help to her. I could meet Koonri only on Saturdays and there too my roommates would frown. They just could not stand Koonri. Every time I tried to establish a connection, they would groan and make faces and order Veg Club Sandwiches. Sometimes, they just don’t understand the concern I have for Koonri.

Anyway, coming back to the marriage, Mom was more worried about Koonri than Sanchari. Sanchari too is about to get married. But Mom is sceptical. After all, that girl is slightly irritating. I mean, mom’s point of view is that if Sanchari likes Rono she should just accept it. There are others in her family mom does not like. But she does like Sanchari and feels irritated when she acts dumb.

So I came back suddenly to Calcutta on a Saturday evening and said, “Momma I’m home” in as cute Bengali I can muster. And all that Mom could say, “Sit Sit. Koonri just entered her in laws house.”

I remembered my Didi’s tear laden voice over the phone, “Bhai, we’ve lost Mom. Koonri is her love now.” Well, now such is life. Her own two idiots of children are surviving. Her entire motherly concern now needs to be directed at someone. In the absence of a daughter-in-law (as she never fails to remind me) Koonri took the spot.

But things turned out well. Some people went to the hospital, others were locked up in their rooms, there were hysterical tears, Market Research figured out that public sentiment wanted Koonri to get married so that the next stage of her troubles could be discussed and my mom turned to me and said, “Phew!!! So what brings you to Calcutta?”

Clearly, didi was right. My book reading, TV hating mom has metamorphosed.