April 22, 2010

Pets, Food, Movies

Bearded Goon took me to learn “How to Train Your Dragon” and memories just rushed in. I never had a pet as a kid. Probably because no one thought I was capable enough to handle one but I would like to believe that it was because of my eclectic choice of pets. I was clear that I needed a pet. And like most things in my life I had also short listed my choice of pets. I either wanted a baby dragon or a baby elephant. Given that my sister is evil, she kept in hope saying that the lizards in the house might just turn into dragons one day. You see, for a really small kid, genetical engineering is a tough thing to comprehend. And well, elephants, sigh… That’s a story for another night.

Anyway, that’s the only reason why I loved the movie. Great animation, simple story, a long forgotten love for machines, caramel popcorn, all made it extremely magical. It ended with a beautiful thought – “We may have nothing and a very had life, but we have dragons as pets.”

Coming back to other things I loved as a child, if there was ever anything I loved more than books, it must have been food. And thus, I have decided I will make “Julie and Julia” a compulsory viewing for people who loved Food. A simple story but the way love for Food is celebrated in the movie is just out of this world. Amongst recent movies, the only other place I found such exotic display of culinary delights was in It’s Complicated. Meryl Streep beautifully created the joy of cooking. And yeah, I cooked last Sunday inspired by it.

Well Done Abba is a movie which could never have been a blockbuster but if you love a good story, if you love the way great directors have an eye for details, go and get a DVD for yourself. It tells you life is still simple, systems are corrupt but can be challenged, not all men in this world have learnt to accept bribes and that still in the heartlands of India a strong police force can evoke fear amongst the minds of the wrong doers.

Green Zone and Hurt Locker both disappoint. Guess any more movies on Iraq and War and WMDs and audiences will just retire hurt. After all, we can take night after night of IPL, but night after night of War movies. There has to be a limit.

Fortunately, one could watch Jane Kahan se Aayi Hain to just forget that such things exist and could just leave the brains behind and believe in a movie about love across planets. Not a bad movie I must admit.

Or one could watch Shutter Island and marvel at the unlimited horrors that the mind can create. Absolute Classic. Old Dogs however disappoint. You can’t take Robin Williams and John Travolta and dish out a half baked cake. That’s just unfair.

But coming back to pets and food, tonight I shall dream about Dragons and Desserts. It should be a good night.


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Haven't seen most of these, but on the ones I have, I quite agree. Specially on Julie and Julia.

sayrem said...

You watched them all leaving out just "The Japanese Wife?"( even though I'm reserving my comments on that one)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Alec - :)

@ Sayrem - You're running away!!! Didn't want to say that on your blog

Meow said...

Now now now....... i got a list of movies to watch :P

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Shreya said...

You movie buff!!