February 15, 2010

Heart Break Story

So something interesting always happens around Valentine’s Day. This year also was no different. Given that I had shunned human contact this weekend, I was sure that nothing exceptional can happen this time. Yes, I knew two kids would call me up, sweethearts that they are. You know they are the kind of people who visit senior citizens in Old Age homes. But then, you can never be sure till the fat lady sings.

So I was cycling one fine sunny morning wondering what’s the next important thing I will decide not to do, when suddenly the message came. Let me explain a bit what exactly I was doing. Every time I was remembering something that needed to be done, I said to myself, “beta, zindagi ka mazaa le. Kyun apni jawani gawa raha hain” Yes, I was giving the gyan to myself in Hindi as it sounds like a third person gyan. Anyway back to the story.

The message was from a close friend. The contents were like this. “I want you to buy flowers and give them to Manjeet on the 14th.” I screeched to a halt. Wait, let me think, I probably was already standing in order to read the message. The details are a little fuzzy now as I was ecstatic.

“Isse Kehte hain dost,” I said to myself. She has found the perfect match for me. Of course she would not ask me to take flowers to Manjeet unless and until she was sure we were made for each other. Manjeet and Madhurjya, how wonderful it sounds! The bells started ringing in my ears and the bells changed to constant honking and then a very gruff voice yelling at me. But I forgave the driver. I was taking flowers to Manjeet.

I cycled back as fast as I could to my house. I needed to get ready. Missing breakfast would mean almost 400 gms and 4 mms off the waist. That would probably be to my advantage. Hair, something needed to be done about the hair. So the hair which was being groomed and was not cut even at the not-so-veiled threat from office was sacrificed. I got a shave in the middle of the weekend, the hairdresser (Bandra does not have barbers, we have hairdressers) thanked his lucky stars after fleecing me. But as I said, life was beautiful. Manjeet, Madhurjya, Magnolias. Ahh perfect. You know Agatha Christie dialled M for Murder, but you could dial M for so many other beautiful things.

I could see my grandmom shedding buckets of tears at this joyful news. My mom was thanking all her Gods, Didi was making plans to fly back again. That’s when the bells started ringing again. This time it was the cell phone. My friend was on the line.

“Listen, Saloni said if you could get lilies it would be great.” Saloni!!! Who’s Saloni? Wait, I know Saloni, friend of my friend. Ahhhh!!!! She must be the one who is the informant on Manjeet. I was so thankful to Saloni. Plans needed to be changed. No more Magnolias. Lilies it would be. Lilies are good. Both are flowers. The flowers, the thoughts – that’s what matters. Right?

I had also made my grandmom read 2 States a few days back, smart cookie that I am. She would know how exactly to deal with a Punjabi family. Again, I could see the huge glasses of Lassi I would be gulping down when we visited Manjeet’s place together.

But reality struck. The rates of lilies were at an all time high. And as much as I would love to take Lilies to Manjeet, I just could not afford them. I ordered a nice bouquet of roses. Dejected, I called up my friend. I had to share my misery with someone. She said she would consult with Saloni and get back to me. Saloni was becoming irritating. I just wished she was not like Manjeet’s “our lives are one” type of friend.

“Hey!! What did she say?”

“Hello Banjo! Listen she said he doesn’t like roses much. Please see if you can get something else.”


Wait… Hang on. She said HE. HE? HE? Really? I was being asked to buy flowers for a guy!!! On Valentine’s Day. Did one of my closest friends think I was …? No that’s not possible. Definitely not. No. No. No way.

And then the picture became clear. Thank God I was good in DI as I was preparing for CAT. Friend- Saloni- Manjeet the Man – long distance – late realization – personal touch – Valentine’s Day – Flowers - Sure shot delivery.

I stared blankly at the Florist. Next I know I was back at my room drowning my sorrows in Mix Fruit Cucumber and Spinach juice. Last known Manjeet got his flowers.

And thus ended Valentine’s Day 2010.


Meow said...

hahhahahahaha.. funny and sad :)

You made ur dadima to read 2 states??? very smart :P

Lol... had sooper dooper valentine's day ??? hahahaha.. good experience :D

Kavity said...


WSW said...


Down with all unisexual names!!

RAMYA said...

:D Good one I say!

Shreya said...

Exaggeration!! You could not have been fooled that easy :D

ak said...


for a moment, i was sad that the bachelor gang at mumbai is shrinking....now i dont have that worry!

Soumya Sen said...

Oh, how many hearts I have broken in a similar way. Names can be so deceptive :)

Sharad said...

Just when you think life can't give you any more lessons... :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! u can becum fool so easily! newaz story wz quite funny & streched!