October 03, 2008

Mumbai Food Guide Redux

Moshe’s Café – I have eaten at many places in my life where the food has been good but seldom have I fallen in complete love with the food. Moshe’s food is like the ultimate seductress. It is slow in coming but when your dish arrives, it is as fresh as the first dew on the morning grass. And then when you put in your first morsel inside your mouth, your palette thanks you for making this love story begin. I loved the food at Moshe’s. Just a word of caution – be prepared to shell out some decent amount of money and do not be in a hurry.

Jimmy Boy – Near Asiatic, this is the place for authentic Parsi Food. I first went to Jimmy Boy during the Parsi New Year and fell in love with it’s huge ‘dawat’ – it’s special marriage meal. And more importantly, it’s the only place in Mumbai where they still serve Palonji’s Ice Cream Soda. If you are from Calcutta, you might remember the taste of Bijoligrill.

Sundance Bar – It’s worth going for even if for the name and if you love Paul Newman. The food is just ok, but you can always drop in for a quick drink or bite after work and then catch the train from Churchgate. I however am extremely disappointed with their service. Sometimes easy clientele often makes you arrogant.

Indian Summer – If you think you need a nice Indian taste in South Mumbai, I should recommend Indian Summer. The kababs are really good. The Chicken, I have been told is exquisite. The only problem however is that the crowd is mostly elderly or consists of families eating out. I feel like bringing down the average age of the clientele every time I go there.

Pollyesther – After all the eating and merry making if you would want to go ahead and dance your night away go over to Polly’s. The cover charges are high and the music is excellent till about mid way. They play classic rock till around 10 in the night and then the plebeians come in with their request and the same old dance numbers.

Caravan Sarai – From South Mumbai, if we move to Bandra and still would want to have Indian Food, I definitely recommend Caravan Sarai. The price might be a bit on the higher side but it definitely ensures that your taste buds thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

Bassilico – In Bandra again, this place is definitely overpriced and the serving sizes are really small. But the ambience is nice and you wouldn’t mind sitting here with a friend discussing how life is going on.

Da Vincis – If however, Bassilico’s disappoint you, go ahead to Da Vincis. The food is good, the music better and on Wednesday’s there is a person on guitar who is kind enough to not sing if you request him not to. I mean, he sings pretty well but I really felt awkward when someone is singing standing by your table. It’s nice to see it in the movies but not that exciting when it happens to you. I just guess I am not pseud enough.

Garnish – If you are as middle class as I am and often suffer from a liquidity crunch as I do, come down to King’s circle. This is a place that has one of the largest menu cards that I have seen with items at all price points. The crowd is mainly college going. I sometimes wonder though how on earth do college going kids these days have so much money. Or is it just Mumbai?

Hariyali – This is frankly not a place I can recommend going because at the end of the day this is just a bar but even then this has one of the best food at its price points. Situated just below the Wadala Flyover, this place has given me a lot of my late night snacks. The waiters got upset when we kept on ordering food without ordering any liquor but as we became familiar they decided that we were some freaks of nature who come into a bar on a Friday night to just eat.


CJ said...

after such a lotta food posts - u better take me to the best places when i get thr! :D veggie is good enough! :)

apu said...

Would you be having the contact numbers for each of these places? (Just to save myself the effort of digging them up :P)....and any thoughts on Cafe Britania?

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ CJ - Just come down dude.

@Apu - Sorry, Won't have the numbers but can give you directions to these places. Cafe Britannia. You mean the Parsi restaurant at Fort? Next on the cards :)