August 25, 2008

Life Updates (in case you are interested)

So let’s see how things have turned out over the past few weeks. I finally saw Love Story – The original English Play on which Tumhari Amrita and Priyo Bondhu were based. It was mesmerizing. Andy and Melisa if were named Arun and Alisha would not have been far too removed from our reality. But somehow I still like the Bengali version of Anjan Dutta. I think he had adapted the play brilliantly. One wish remains though. To see Farooq Shiekh and Shabana Azmi stage Tumhari Amrita once again.

RK called before he left for the States. A very lovable junior of mine from BITS, he was always the studious kind. He called me from the IGI Airport at Gurgaon and I realized suddenly that we might never again meet. I wish him well. A lot of people I know are in the States but not many I know remember to call before they leave. I guess once you are ready to make a move, you just go on with it. Nostalgia sets in a lot later.

And finally, finally I was published in Anandabazar. It was a big deal for me and let’s just say that I am happy.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! for getting published in Anandabazar. when/what was it?
you are right....many leave,but very few remember to call before they leave....good for you that your friends do remember :)
never had the chance to watch any of those plays,though i've heard a lot about them!

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Pooja - at least this got you back to the blog :). it was nothing great. Put it as one of those moments of self indulgent snobbery which made me put it up.

And friends. I have all the variety in the world :) and yes watch the plays whenever you find a chance.

Anand Raghothama said...

What exactly got published in Anand Bazar? Please put a post on that!

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

@ Anand - Will do sometime I guess :)