October 24, 2007

The Hiatus

Things have been strange for the last month or so and the blog was at rest. But the writing wasn’t. And then like an unseen catastrophe, the laptop’s hard drive decided to take a break too and with it was gone all that I had written about my last few visits to the cities of Bihar. The paradox that is Gaya and Bodhgaya, the once proud Darbhanga, the practices of Gauna, suddenly they were gone.
And like most of life, I realized that perhaps it was done to stop me from being emotionally caught up with yet another place. This blog was never meant to be a personal diary. So it doesn’t matter what happened in these few weeks. What matters is that Life, at the last count is always beautiful.
But one thing did happen. After 6 long years, I was back in Calcutta for the Pujas.


Ojas said...

*ahem*.. but your memory's not gone. don't let the stuff go so easily. do write


Anonymous said...

pujo bak at calcutta must hav been an awesome experience :)....gud for u....

CJ said...

pujo at home finally! u musta been elated... hail jaundice! :)