May 27, 2007

Silence is Golden

Coming from me, this heading seems strange. However, sometimes few films make me wonder. While in Patna, I had the lucky chance to watch Pushpak - The Kamal Hassan classic; one of the many forgotten gems of Indian Cinema. The entire movie went ahead without a single word being spoken and yet the last scene of Pushpak left one with a heavy heart. As I watched Kamal Hassan lose the piece of paper, his last means of contact with the lady of his dreams, something seemed stuck in the throat.

And then there will always be Sholay and Jaya Bhaduri. To an Indian no more need to be said. Silence is indeed golden.


Anonymous said...

Hi..Sholay.Jaya Bhaduri.You are right.To an Indian,no more need be said to convey "Silence is Golden"....just came across your blog....ended up readin a lot of the posts,though not all....nice....bits memories were well penned....havin a brother and close frnds who studied thr,was interstin readin....and having deep ties with mallu land,the kerala tavelogue was a good read keep posting....u just got another regular reader added to ur existing list :)

Phemonoe said...

Loved your blog.Honest posts.Muchly.

Pushpak brought back memories.Was flooded.

Keep it up.:)

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Dear Anon and Phemonoe, thanks a lot. Already I've been accused of being too personal. Let's see where the roads lead.